Most Disliked YouTube Videos

Most Disliked YouTube Videos
It seems that the number of likes and dislikes has become the main parameter of whether the audience likes a post or not. This is especially true on YouTube.

This most popular video streaming and watching platform includes both of these features so that viewers can freely judge whether they like the video or not. 5 Youtuber Cantik Asal Indonesia yang Bikin Mata Melek

So, below, I've managed to compile a list of YouTube videos that get the most likes as of March 20, 2021. Why do you think you can get that many dislikes?

Here are the 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos, Garbage Quality?

10. Lakdi ki kathi - 5.39 million

In 10th place is a children's video in Hindi entitled Lakdi ki kathi. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this video, let alone the video depicting the joy of children.
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
However, this video got 5.39 million views. Most likely, because this video was watched by children, they still couldn't tell the difference between the thumbs up and down symbols.

After all, this video has been viewed 2.1 billion times and has received 7.1 likes. Yes, proportional to the number of dislikes. 

9. Flores - 5.48 million

Released in June 2020, the music video by 2 Brazilian singers, Vitao and Luiza Sonza has been watched 104.6 million times.
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
Ironically, in just 1 month, this music video was named the most hated video in Portugal. Even on the YouTube site, we can see this video got 5.48 views.

It could be that this video gets a lot of hits because the concept is very vulgar and inappropriate. Even at a glance, you feel like you are watching adult films.

8. Bath Song - 6.46 Million

If you hear briefly, the song in the children's video has the exact same tone and tempo composition as the viral Baby Shark video music.
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
With a duration of 2 minutes 52 seconds, this video has been watched more than 3 billion times and received 9.2 million likes.

So it could be, the case is not much different from the Lakdi ki kathi video that I have discussed above, one of which is because the audience does not know the difference between thumbs up and down. Cara Mudah nonton Youtube tanpa Iklan

7. Learning Colors Colorful Eggs on a Farm - 7.14 Million

Once again, children's videos are among the most disliked YouTube videos list.
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
This time there is a video called Learning Colors Colorful Eggs on a Farm. This video was produced by Miroshka TV for YouTube viewers in Russia.

The video Learning Colors Colorful Eggs on a Farm has been watched 3.6 billion times with 10 million likes and 6.9 million views.

6. Johny Johny Yes Papa - 9.32 million

This children's song also received a large number of dislike, which is around 9.32 million. You must be wondering, how is it possible for children's songs to get such a large number of dislikes?
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
According to Digitaltrends, it is likely that this video received a large number of dislikes, not from children, but from their parents.

According to him, parents who hear this video will feel bored because the lyrics are too simple and repetitive. Maybe they should start with a line of the best children's films of all time.

5. YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record - 9.43 Million

After harvesting a flood of dislike on the YouTube Rewind 2018 video, YouTube intends to make a rewind video with a different concept.
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
Unfortunately, instead of harvesting creative ideas from creators, they simply sort the list of videos with the most likes by category.

Obviously, YouTube is reaping blasphemy because it is considered that it has no intention of making rewind videos. After being watched 113 million times, they had to be satisfied with the acquisition of dislikes reaching 9.43 million. Streamer Menghasilkan Ratusan Juta Hanya Dengan Tidur

Instead of waiting for an unclear YouTube Rewind, it's better to learn to be a successful YouTuber from me, and then make my own rewind video!

4. Baby Shark Dance - 11.87 Million

Who would have thought that a song as neutral as Baby Shark Dance could get so many dislikes? In fact, this video has been watched 8.1 billion times with the acquisition of likes reaching 26 million.
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
Still from the Digitaltrends site, this video can get a lot of dislike from parents who are bored with this song.

In fact, on several social media platforms, this song is used as a parody and a joke that considers Baby Shark Dance to be very strange and cringe if it is heard continuously.

3. Baby - 12.09 million

For those of you who like and follow the most popular Western songs, you must be very familiar with the songs by Justin Bieber and Ludacris.
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
The videos watched by 2.4 billion times received a fantastic number of dislike, namely 12.09 million.

Admittedly, this song was hated by many people because it was overrated and too often played everywhere. In fact, there are lots of memes that mock this song as trash.

2. Sadak 2 Trailer - 13.45 Million

When it was first released on YouTube, the trailer for the Sadak 2 film was immediately flooded with 4.2 million dislike. For those of you who like to watch Indian films, you will be surprised, how come?
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
Investigate this, it was motivated by a suicide by one of the actors, Sushant Singh Rajput in June 2020.

Allegedly, one of the causes of the actor's suicide was due to stress with the treatment of the Sadak 2 film production team who isolated and intimidated him. This made loyal fans immediately boom the video trailer with clicks. Video Categories Found On YouTube

1. YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind - 18.99 Million

So, we come to the YouTube video that gets the most dislikes of all time, namely the YouTube Rewind 2018 with the theme "Everyone Controls Rewind".
Most Disliked YouTube Videos
Admittedly, YouTube Rewind 2018 does carry a slightly different concept than previous YouTube Rewind videos.

The problem is, this concept is considered not to represent the views of YouTubers and viewers on YouTube trends in 2018. The number of well-known YouTubers who are absent also exacerbates the negative stigma in this work.

As a result, even though it has been watched as many as 214 million times, YouTube Rewind 2018 is only able to gain 2.9 million likes. In contrast, this video earned 18.99 million views!

Those were the YouTube videos that got the most dislikes. Do you agree with the number of dislike you got or have a different opinion?

Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below. See you in my next article!