10 Mystery Things That Are In Outer Space

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
Again, we discussed outer space, previously we discussed cities in outer space, then how astronauts defecate in outer space and animals that have been to outer space. This time we will talk about things that smell like mysteries that exist in outer space, meaning that these things are still unsolved. Okay just go ahead, here it is 10 Mystery Things That Are In Outer Space.

10. Universe Link Portal

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
So many films that talk about parallel universes, it's incomplete if we don't talk about how we go to other universes, right?. Is there a place or tool that can take us to another world. A portal to another universe maybe?

A study was conducted on quantum teleportation. Where the quantum teleportation is considered a success. The quantum teleportation uses a small material and is sent to a certain place. However, the second attempt failed because the material was first destroyed during the replica process.

9. Sounds in Space

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
To be heard by humans, sound waves must use an intermediary medium. Without the intermediary media, sound waves will not be heard by humans. In outer space, which has a different atmosphere from Earth, making it impossible for sound waves to be heard by humans.

However, through certain frequencies, it turns out that recording sound in outer space can be done. This transmitted sound wave was detected using a Cassini radio and Plasma Science Instrument (RPWS) on December 8, 2000. The sound was heard from a distance of about 23 million km from the planet Jupiter.

8. White Hole

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
Albert Einstein once made an extraordinary achievement by proving the existence of black holes using mathematics. Thanks to the legacy of Albert Einstein, we can now find a number of black holes in outer space.

What makes it even more surprising is that apart from black holes, there are also white holes in outer space. If a black hole can suck all kinds of objects in space, then a white hole is the opposite. The white hole will spit out everything in it. The sad thing is that because there is nothing spewed out by the white hole, we have a hard time guessing what mysteries lie in outer space.

7. How Galaxies Formed

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
The world of knowledge has already guessed how stars and planets form. But after that, a new, more difficult question arises. How does a galaxy form.

Scientists know that galaxies are not randomly scattered in space. Instead, galaxies are found in clusters, where these groups are called super clusters. Currently, scientists have only estimated 2 ways how galaxies form. The first way is that the gases from the Big Bang explosion gathered together and formed a new galaxy, from which stars and planets were born. Second, gases from the Big Bang formed the stars and planets in the universe. The stars and planets move to different places due to gravity.

6. Simulacrum in the Nebula

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
One of the mysteries in outer space that was caught on camera. This photo, taken from the Eagle Nebula, shows how a planet forms from a collection of gas clouds. What makes this phenomenon even more exciting is that when this photo is enlarged, a human-like figure appears behind the clouds. The mystery of the human figure that appears behind the cloud even makes scientists confused to explain what really happened.

5. Ruins of Buildings on the Moon

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
Other unsolved mysteries in outer space, one of which occurs on the moon. One of the eyewitnesses named Karl Wolfe gave a testimony. The testimony was made when he was still in the private area of ​​Langley Air Force Base. Where the place is where the NSA brings important information obtained from the moon.

A 2nd class pilot showed him some photos of buildings found on the moon. There are some unusual buildings and a number of streets. The discovery made people ask, is there life on the moon? Why don't we know that there is other life in outer space?

4. Extraterrestrial Life

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
Humans have always wondered if there is other life in outer space. Some believe that aliens exist in outer space, others do not.

One of the Mercury astronauts blasted off into space on May 15, 1963 in a capsule via 22 orbits. When it reached its final orbit, Major Gordon Cooper discovered a station at Muchea (near Perth, Australia). At the station, Cooper could see an object glowing green. The bright object is rapidly approaching the capsule the plane. After the incident, Cooper said that UFOs were real. Does this mean there really is other life in outer space?

3. Dark Matter

Back again to discuss what has been discovered by Albert Einstein. Einstein's famous equation, namely E = MC2 is an equation that is already known to the world. But when the equation is applied to space, something strange happens. When we use the equation to search for substances that exist in outer space, only 4% can be found.

The rest? In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a theory about a form of matter that cannot be detected through the radiation it emits. But its existence can be inferred from the gravity of the substance. In outer space, dark matter and dark energy are the largest or most abundant elements in outer space.

2. Parallel Universe

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
Parallel universe, meta-universe, or multiverse is a mystery that is still unsolved until now. Many scientists are curious about the existence of this parallel universe. The term parallel universe was first introduced by an American philosopher and psychologist William James in 1895.

The existence of these parallel universes raises various questions, such as whether there are other universes, whether there are people who are similar to us, how is time calculated there, whether there is a way to travel to parallel universes. Because no one has been able to prove the existence of parallel universes, many theories that discuss parallel universes deny the truth of the parallel universe theory. Scientists will only believe if there is real evidence someone or something managed to travel parallel universes.

1. Dark Energy

10 Hal Misteri Yang Ada Di Luar Angkasa
After dark matter, now there is also dark energy or black energy. Similar to dark matter, dark energy is the biggest mystery that no one in this world still can solve. Dark energy that surrounds outer space tends to increase following the extent of outer space.

In standard cosmological models, dark energy has a mass of 74% of the total mass of space. The true nature of dark energy is still being investigated today. Provisional estimates, dark energy is homogeneous, not too dense, and no known interactions with other matter that exists in outer space.