Amazing Artificial Island

Every country around the world keeps its own beauty consisting of various beautiful islands. Some traveling lovers are eyeing the islands as a tourist destination. The traveling around the world to find the most beautiful islands they have never visited before.
One of the novels from a British country nicknamed Ledsy Thomas poured his personal experience visiting beautiful islands into a novel of his work. But there are some beautiful islands deliberately created by human hands, so that it becomes an amazing tourist attraction.

Well, What are these artificial islands? The following information:

1. The World Islands in the United Arab Emirates

Is a collection of islands consisting of 300 man-made islands that look like world maps that were built off the coast of Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The existence of this island is one of the many artificial island projects in Dubai that use sand from dredging on the seabed. How to get the sand by dredging the shallow coastal waters of Dubai. Dubai leader Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is a spectacular inspirer is helped by Nakheel Properties. The World Islands was founded in the Persian Gulf or about 4 km off the coast of Dubai. each island measures 23 to 84,000 m2.
This island began to be built since 2004 ago. This construction covers a width of 6 km and a length of 9 km surrounded by oval breakwaters. The construction of this large project has cost up to 14 billion USD or more than 181 Trillion Rupiah, which for each island is valued at 15 to 45 million USD and when converted into rupiah to 200 to 600 billion rupiah. It was reported that several world celebrities interested in buying the artificial island were David Beckham, Michael Schumacher, Tommy Lee Jones and several other TOP celebrities.

2. Palm Island in the United Arab Emirates

Furthermore, it is still in the United Arab Emirates which this time is nicknamed Palm Island. At first glance Palm Island is almost the same as The World Island, an artificial island located in the City of Dubai. What distinguishes it looks from the shape of the island. If The World Island is in the form of a world map, Palm Island is in the form of a palm tree. Palm Island became one of the popular tourist attractions consisting of Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. The shape of the Palm Jumera resembles a palm tree which when viewed from above the shape consists of one stem and 17 stems.
While on the edge there is an island that looks like a crescent that has a length of about 11 km where the island functions as a breakwater. After the Palm Jumeirah has finished, it will proceed with building the Palm Jebel Ali, which looks exactly the same. The two islands are planned to be used as residential houses, private residential centers and entertainment centers in Dubai.

3. Ile Aux Cygnus in France

Next up is Ile Aux Cynnus. The construction of the Ile Aux Cynnus was made in the 18th Century, precisely in 1827. When you are in this area, you will find a Replica of the Statue of Liberty similar to that of New York, United States. What is unique is that the replication statue was formed facing the Statue of Liberty which works together in the United States. This artificial island is very small in size, 850 m wide and 11 m wide with 3 crossing bridges.

4. The Thums Island in the United States

This island is one of the artificial islands located in San Pedro Bay off Long Beach in California. The Thums Island was built in 1965 which is an opening gate to mining. A total of 640,000 tons of gravel Kasalina Island was formed to enclose the island. Then in the central part of the island is filled with 3.2 million cubic meters of material produced by private dredging from the bay.

Now that was news about the Amazing Artificial Island. Hopefully this article can add insight and knowledge to us all, especially for those of you who are very fond of traveling. See you again.