7 Celebrities Regret Having Had Plastic Surgery

Celebrities Regret Having Had Plastic Surgery
Becoming a Hollywood actress is certainly no stranger to plastic surgery procedures to support their career. But there are also those who regret that decision.

Plastic surgery is a common thing for Hollywood actresses and actors. Some decided to do it in order to support their careers in this most prestigious film industry.

However, it turns out that this decision made the actresses and actors who performed plastic surgery regret it. Some even made the actor lose his job.

Who are the actors I am referring to here? Check out review in the following article, OK!

Deciding to do plastic surgery can't be arbitrary. Because this procedure will change several parts in your body.

Once done, of course there is no way to restore it to normal. This is how Hollywood actresses feel sorry they ever did.

1. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one of the actresses who is known to have performed many plastic surgery procedures on several parts of her body. The reason? He admits that he has never been confident in his own body.

But in an interview he once regretted injecting his lips. According to the actress whose career was ruined, her lips look fake and she doesn't like them.

Even recently she had to be hospitalized, as a result of having an infection due to another surgery to remove wrinkles and sagging skin on her stomach as a result of being pregnant, which made her feel insecure.

2. Tara Reid

The film star of American Pie is also one of the famous ones who underwent all-out plastic surgery on his body, unfortunately this made him unlucky.

One of the plastic surgeries she had on her stomach left her with a hernia and a large lump near her navel. This made him temporarily out of work.

She also regretted the decision to have plastic surgery because it made her breasts look so ugly. Because of that, he had experienced some turmoil in his career but is now starting to rise by frequently appearing in horror films.

3. Courteney Cox

The actress, known for her role as perfectionist Monica Geller in the TV series Friends, regretted her decision to undergo a filler injection procedure on her face.

According to him, the filler injection made his face look thick when using makeup. Now he has removed the filler and admits that he has appeared as natural as possible.

In an interview, Cox said he feels better about himself now without plastic surgery.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress who is now working in the world of health, especially women's health, admits that she has tried all things related to skin care, including Botox.

Botox is one of the most common and least risky plastic surgery procedures. But apparently, Paltrow didn't like the results after he did Botox.

The cast of Pepper Potts, the Iron Man partner in the Marvel film, admits that he will never want to do Botox again anytime.

5. Nicole Kidman

Just like Paltrow, beautiful actress Nicole Kidman once tried to do Botox. But apparently, the procedure made him unable to move his face at all.

This made him scared and didn't want to do it again. Now, Kidman is free from Botox and any plastic surgery procedures.

She revealed that her secret to staying smooth and beautiful at the age of 52 was just regular exercise and adequate nutrition. Wow, this can really be imitated!

6. Cameron Diaz

Another actress who has undergone Botox and has given up on the procedure. The reason is, Cameron Diaz said Botox changed his face to be strange.

He then decided he would never do Botox again. It was better for him to see his face aged and full of wrinkles than a face that did not resemble him at all.

Even though he is no longer actively playing movies, Diaz feels better with his face, which is now starting to be filled with wrinkles because of his age.

7. Pamela Anderson

Who doesn't know Pamela Anderson and her journey to using plastic surgery? But after investigating, Anderson admitted that he regretted having undergone breast implants.

He regrets that it is too big. Hence, she had plastic surgery one more time to turn it a little bit smaller.

But now 53 years old, he said that he is no longer interested in plastic surgery and prefers to age naturally.

Having plastic surgery is entirely a personal decision for a person, including the artist. Therefore, before doing so, of course they understand what the risks are so they don't regret it later.

However, it may turn out that things did not go smoothly and beyond their expectations so that it had an impact on their life and career. Therefore, you should understand the risk first before you decide something huh!