Criticized and Praised, This is the Profile of the Mandalika Rain Handler

The action of the rain handler at the Mandalika Circuit, Rara Isti Wulandari, went viral and became the world's spotlight, his profile intrigued many people. As is known, heavy rain hit the Mandalika Circuit and forced the start of the Mandalika MotoGP to postpone.
rain handler at the Mandalika Circuit, Rara Isti Wulandari
Rara the rain handler was also in action at the Mandalika Circuit. The woman who is familiarly called Mbak Rara immediately took action around the Mandalika circuit when heavy rain hit. In fact, the official MotoGP Twitter account was amazed and uploaded the moment.

The rain handler's action was also in the spotlight of the MotoGP racers who were preparing in their respective paddock and viral on Twitter. That's because Rara went around under the pouring rain while carrying her bowl and chanting spells.

What is the profile of the Mandalika Circuit rain handler Rara like? Quoted from various sources, it is known that the woman who is often called Mbak Rara was born in Jayapura, October 22, 1983. Rara Istiati Wulandari is 38 years old and adheres to Islam.

According to him, he got the talent to become a rain handler from his father's family lineage. Rara Istiati Wulandari said that from a young age she realized that she was an indigo. Then by her family, Rara Istiati Wulandari has been taught from a young age to the spiritual world.

Until finally his father taught him the science of rain charmer. Rara has also been a rain handler since she was 9 years old.
Now, Rara Istiati Wulandari lives in an apartment on Jalan Ciung Wanara I Number 7, Denpasar, Bali. There, he opened the services of Indigo Light Tarot. Rara opened a rain charmer calling services, divination, tarot reading, hypnotherapy, meditation.

Now, after knowing the profile of Rara the rain handler at the Mandalika Circuit, let's see how he responded to both criticism and praise. He revealed this on his Instagram page.

"You want to love Rara as a rain handler, you can hate it too. Obviously I love Indonesia. Grateful to be born in Indonesia and serve to work professionally in the Mandalika sky," he wrote as quoted from his Instagram account @rara_cahayatarotindigo on Sunday (20/3/2022).

The upload of Rara, the rain handler of the Mandalika Circuit, whose action and profile attracts attention, has also received various comments from netizens. The majority of netizens gave encouragement and supported Rara's action. "Your spirit is unique, Indonesia lacks people like you. It's just too much sarcasm," wrote the netizen.

"History is written. Where there is the Indonesian Mandalika GP, there is Ms. Rara... Original Indonesian Local Wisdom... and I'm proud," said another netizen.

"Those who hate you are only envious and can't see the energy you put out, sis... I see that you are not a show off, but gathering collaborative encouragement to pray for the wishes of the audience in the form of channeling energy to the sky," wrote the netizen.

“Proud of U mba Rara. many love you," said another netizen.