12 Items You Must Carry When Traveling With Children

Do you want to take a vacation with your baby? You do not forget to bring the following items to prepare for the journey. Because you will not know what will happen on the trip later. Because of that 12 items that will be mentioned below will help you check your baggage so that your journey is smooth without any obstacles, then what are the 12 items? the following explanation:

1. Drinking Water and Snack

Usually the underage is very fond of scack cooking, therefore provide this cuisine specifically. Don't forget also the drinking water whether it is in the form of water, juice or milk. do not bring dishes that have a pungent scent or that are too fatty, because only then can your child who kisses them feel nauseous. If you want a heavier dish, then you can find a place to eat outside in the middle of the trip later.

2. Children's Favorite Toys

One of the things that must be taken when vacationing with children is his favorite toy. Because usually vacation trips are rarely able to escape traffic congestion, except if indeed the trip to remote areas. Because of that in a state like that, it will quickly feel bored. You are able to bring hand puppets, story books, cards, etc. to fill your child's time so that the child does not get bored. You also can also set up your favorite DVD card or portable game. However, when a four-wheeled vehicle starts moving at a fairly high speed, then you should avoid doing too much activity, especially for children so that later you don't get motion sickness.

3. Baby Carseat

When the child is sitting comfortably in the car, then here the journey will be more enjoyable. Bring a special bench for children (baby carseat) that have size, thickness and safety adapted to the age of the child who will use it. Here there are advantages, namely the elderly do not need to bother to lap it.

4. Car Organizer

What's the impression if when the trip suddenly your child wants to vomit and busy stirring the contents in a bag to find tissue and plastic bags. To prevent this from happening, prepare a dry tissue, wet tissue, small towel, plastic bag and various other items that are expected for children in a transparent plastic car organizer. You can hang it in an easy place to reach and reach like for example being placed behind a chair. Thus the conditions in a four-wheeled vehicle will be easier and certainly look neater.

5. First Aid Box

Sometimes due to fatigue, various obstacles on the road, or factors in sudden weather changes that will make a child so easily sick on the way. Therefore, prepare a first-aid city containing vitamins and various important medicines, like a fever-lowering drug, wound medicine, balm, eucalyptus oil, plaster, mosquito lotion to the thermometer. Lots of events that could not be expected, because of that make sure this is one of the items that must be under for when they want to carry out holidays with children.

6. Garbage Bags

Food wrappers, candy wrappers, used milk boxes, sites and various other things become rubbish which will certainly create a four-wheeled vehicle so that the children will feel uncomfortable in it during the trip. So, always provide a medium sized garbage bag to be able to accommodate all of it.

7. Power Bank and Charger

These two types of goods become very important items and are stopped left behind to be taken to the tourist sites. It aims to let your gadget always on and remain able to communicate well and smoothly without any significant interference.

8. Change Clothes As Copies

Well, this is the item that is also mandatory for below. When you are on vacation with children, and even though you only carry out exclusive trips to and from home, a change of clothes is an item that is certainly mandatory for below. Moreover, you travel with a toddler. Surely later on the trip there will just be something happening, like vomiting, spilled drinks or discarded dishes and also able to become watery clothes because of sweat.

9. Blankets

Always prepare a small, practical sized blanket. Try to thickness your blanket enough in the car. The blanket is certainly able to add comfort to the child who is sleeping, especially when the air is cold. And when not in use, the blanket can be a pillow that is soft enough for your child.

10. Raincoats and Umbrellas

There is a saying to provide an umbrella before it rains. So here of course you have to do the same thing, especially if you want to travel far and bring children too. Keep at least one umbrella in your four-wheeled vehicle.

11. Toiletries

You do not forget to bring a comb, shampoo, toothbrush soap, toothpaste, lotion, to baby cream.

12. Mandatory Tools

Prepare mandatory tools, starting from the basic, like a jack, spare tire, wheel lock, versatile laps, to the warning triangle.

Maybe from my friends there are other ideas that can comen in the comments column below. hopefully useful posts 12 Items That Are Might Be Carried While On Vacation With Children. Thank you...