Unique Toraja culture

The unique culture of Toraja is the reason people say that a person's tour is incomplete if he does not visit Toraja

Quite a lot of distinctive cultural features possessed by the Toraja tribe that become an attraction as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, but what is very popular in the Toraja community is a unique burial ceremony that is popularly called the Rambu Solo ceremony '.

Because of the unique culture of Toraja, Toraja is visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Even though transportation to Toraja from Makassar requires travel time by land around 7-8 hours drive, considering the distance between Makassar and Toraja is around 360 kilometers.

The Toraja have a philosophy of life called "Tallu Lolona", which is Lolo Tau, Lolo Patuan and Lolo Tananan (meaning three lives, namely human life, animal life, and environmental life). This means that the Toraja tribe in living life in this world always maintains a harmonious relationship between fellow creatures that provide mutual benefits between humans, animals and the environment, therefore the Toraja people are very concerned in maintaining environmental preservation.

Apart from the various characteristics of the Toraja culture that can be enjoyed by tourists, they can also enjoy various locations of tourist objects that are very varied and are already popular in foreign countries. Toraja which is above an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level (masl) makes the air so cool. Fertile land so that it becomes a great agricultural potential, especially coffee plants both Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee whose quality is already well known to the corners of the world, where coffee plants, especially around Toarco Jaya, become a beautiful tourist destination.

Because it is not surprising that the atmosphere is so cool to relax happily at the hotel where we stay accompanied by a cup of authentic Toraja coffee in the afternoon after touring the attractions adds to the atmosphere of a beautiful and memorable experience in visiting Toraja.

Toraja Culture

One of the moments of the Rambu Solo ceremony

Preparation of the Body to be carried to the cemetery.