The Most Unique Attraction in Toraja

Attractions in Toraja are so many and varied, making tourists feel at home to stay for long to spend their vacation time in Toraja.

Attractions in Toraja worth visiting include stone tombs, Tongkonan houses, museums, beautiful scenery, the Rambu Tuka ceremony, the unique Rambu Solo ceremony. Therefore, to facilitate the tourists in determining the planned visit to a tourist attraction in Toraja, the attractions below will be grouped according to the area where the object is located and can be in a single lane.

Tourism object in Tana Toraja.

There are many attractions located in Tana Toraja Regency, including the following:

Attraction Ollon - Bongga Karadeng

Ollon attractions are located in Bau Village, Bongga Karadeng District, Tana Toraja Regency. To go to Ollon, the road that can be traveled is from To 'Kaluku Makale to Rembon (in the direction of the road to Pongtiku Airport), it is recommended to use a two-wheeled vehicle because the road conditions are not entirely good. According to information this location is about 40 kilometers from Makale. The location is quite far and remote causing this object to be known in recent years after several visitors posted pictures of the Ollon location.

Please note that the facilities there are still very limited, therefore it is better before leaving for this place need to prepare meals or drinks. Including if you plan to spend the night then don't forget to bring down your tent and other equipment

Argo-travel - Pango-Pango, Shorten

Pango-pango is one of the interesting and beautiful scenery. Apart from having a pine tree forest, also from above the height of Pango-pango we can enjoy the view of the clouds, which is similar to the "land above the clouds" North Toraja Lolai. This tourist location is located at an altitude of about 1,700 meters above sea level (masl) in the Village of Tosapan, south of the town of Makale, Tana Toraja.

The distance from Makale City to the location is about 7 kilometers. In this area we not only find pine trees but there are also coffee trees, cocoa, palm trees and various vegetable plants. The plant is traditionally managed by the local community using organic fertilizer.

Statue of the Lord Jesus in Burake, Makale

The statue of Jesus is above "Buntu Burake", Makale District, Tana Toraja. The height of this statue is about 40 meters which stands on "Buntu Burake" and overlooks the city of Makale. This statue is claimed to be a taller statue compared to the Statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil because it is located at an altitude of about 1,100 meters above sea level.

Not only that, from the top of the location of the statue we can also enjoy views of the city of Makale and the stunning expanse of mountains and green valleys. There is also a glass floor extending out to test the guts of the visitors. To get to this location can be done on foot while enjoying the beautiful scenery (of course for the young ones) because it will pass around hundreds of steps. But for those who cannot afford it, they can use motorbikes or cars that can be parked around the courtyard of the statue building

Deadlock Tongkonan Kalando

Tongkonan Buntu Kalando is the home of Puang Sangalla '(King Sangalla'). This Tongkonan became a resting place for the Puang Sangalla 'and at the same time was used to organize the running of the government in Sangalla'. Tongkonan Buntu Kalando is also often called "Tando Tananan Langi" lantangna Kaero Tongkonan withered. Currently Tongkonan Buntu Kalando has become a "Museum" which is a place to store prehistoric objects and relics of the Puang Sangalla

Batu Suaya Grave

Batu Suaya Grave is a royal cemetery located on a rocky slope with several Tau-tau statues placed in front of the cemetery and an ancient carved wooden coffin called Serong.

This stone tomb is dedicated to "Puang Tamboro Langi" and his descendants who are the funerals of the Sangalla kings. Suaya is located about 9 kilometers east of Makale City, precisely in the Sangalla region

Kambira Baby's Grave

Special burials for babies placed in the trunk of the "Tarra" tree (Tarra 'is a Toraja language) These graves are located in the Sangalla region. Quite a lot of baby graves are in this location. Kambira Baby Grave is located about 9 km from the town of Makale. The location of this grave is about 65 meters from the highway by going down a few steps then we will find several "Tarra Trees" that are large and tall that have a diameter of about 80-120 cm and surrounded by lush bamboo trees, so the atmosphere in this place becomes cool and natural.

Makula Hot Spring

Macula hot springs are known as hot springs that contain sulfur, so they are believed to be able to cure skin diseases. This place has a swimming pool that is divided into two, namely for children and swimming pools for adults, equipped with rinse bathrooms and changing rooms. Makula hot spring is about 9 (nine kilometers) from the Makale - Rantepao axis road.

Sarambu Assing Waterfall - Bittuang

This waterfall is located in "Lembang Patongkoan" - Bittuang District. It is located about 35 km from the town of Makale and can be reached by two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles by passing the provincial road that connects Tana Toraja Regency and Mamasa Regency. The condition of the road is quite good which has been asphalt.

Talondo Tallu Waterfall - Balepe

Location Talondo Tallu Waterfall is located in "Sanik-Lembang Balepe", Malimbong Balepe sub-district ‘, about 30 kilometers from the city of Makale, this waterfall is called" Talondo Tallu "(tallu which means three) because it has three clear waterfall branches. Noteworthy when visiting this object said local residents are visitors should not wear black clothes.

Lemo Grave

Lemo graves on steep rocks are also placed several "Tau-Tau Statues" side by side. "Tau-tau Statues" are large and some are even small made of bamboo tree trunks. In this place also available souvenirs in the form of Toraja trinkets and sculpture craftsmen who serve customers every day. Lemo Grave is about 1 (one) kilometer from the Makale - Rantepao axis road.

Tilanga natural baths

This pool is formed naturally surrounded by rocks where shady trees grow around the pond. The water is so clear that it allows us to see eels ranging from small to large, and lively goldfish swim to and fro regardless of people who are bathing / swimming around. Eels and fish cannot be caught because they are considered sacred, which can cause disaster for those who take them. The size of the pond is quite wide, around 15 x 25 meters surrounded by rocks and shady trees with a depth of about three to five meters in certain parts.

There is also a shallow pool which is usually used by children in the downstream part of the pool. Tilanga natural bath is located in Sarira Village, north of Tanah Toraja Regency, the distance from Makale City and from Rantepao is approximately the same, which is around 10 kilometers which can be reached by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.