A Romantic Tour in the City of Jogja [Indonesia]

Who doesn't know the city of Yogyakarta? The city that got the nickname "Asia's endless beauty has been famous all over the world. With its various cultural heritages, natural beauty, culinary delights and so on has made this city a favorite city for sightseeing. Not only that, the city of Yogyakarta is also known as student city, in this city there are many excellent schools and universities that have good quality.

Not only tours in the daytime but also tours at night are no less interesting. Some interesting, sparkling and romantic night spots include:

1. Dahromo Heavenly Doors

Located on Bukit Dahromo, Dlingo Bantul, not far from the Kebun Buah Mangunan. Offers instagrammable photo spots. There are photo spots with the concept of the door like a door that leads to the sky.

2. Malioboro Street

This place is the most cool place to enjoy. This legendary isolation is a shame to be missed even more so if you are traveling with a partner. Although only on foot, but this trip will increasingly feel romantic and special. In addition, you can also buy all the trinkets along the Malioboro street.

3. Jogjakarta Monument

This monument is not just any monument but has a very historical myth that has become one of the privileges of the city of Yogya. When night falls, often this monument is filled with tourists who take pictures. In addition to cool to be used as a photo spot, you can also culinary that looks cheap.

4. Pengger Pine Forest

For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of nature, Pengger Pine Forest can be an impressive choice. In addition, you can also be happy too. The atmosphere of the Pengger Pine Forest at night, we can see many stars scattered. But the star in question is not a star in the sky, yeah guys ... but Jogja koya lights that can be used as backrounds of your photos.

5. Paralayang Paralayang Parangtritis

You can see the beauty of nature from the top of this hill. And besides that you can also watch the sunset without any obstruction in the western horizon. So it's no wonder many tourists are enticed to visit this hill.