Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited [Indonesia - Java]

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited [Indonesia - Java] - Find Favorite Tourist Attractions in Semarang, Central Java. The newest, current, popular & most visited tourist destinations visited by tourists on vacation.

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

Besides being able to refresh the brain, holidays can also increase knowledge about tourist attractions in Indonesia. If you are an Indonesian citizen who lives in Central Java, of course you will be familiar with the city of Semarang. One of the old cities in Indonesia that has witnessed many of the history of this nation. Now, along with the times it has changed and has become one of the metropolitan cities in our country.

Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province and is in the top ranking which is frequented by tourists. The main reason is that this city has interesting tourist attractions with its beauty destinations. Not only natural tourism but also many historical themed attractions. In addition, the city of Semarang is also known to have a myriad of interesting tourist attractions that you can visit to spend holidays with family or friends.

Gedong Songo Temple

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

Visiting Semarang City is not complete if you don't stop by this one tourist attraction. The location of Gedong Songo Temple, which is at the foot of Mount Ungaran, presents an interesting panorama that you must enjoy. The reason is, this one tourist attraction is a historical site that presents a pleasant nuance.

Gedong Songo Temple, which is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, presents a charming and cool nuance. You can even enjoy a variety of beautiful scenery when visiting this place in the morning or evening. The shining sun rays can present a fragment of heaven that is visible in this temple

Hope Bridge

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

TMJTI or stands for Taman Mini Jawa Tengah Indah, this place is in the form of a gazebo connected to a bridge that you can walk on while enjoying the beauty. And there are also some snacks or culinary delights that you can enjoy together.

Surely the snacks or culinary provided at this place are cheap and very friendly to your pocket. Or you can also enjoy the food while seeing the view from this place. You need to know that having the name Harapan Bridge doesn't mean that the place can fulfill your hopes, friends.

Pine Forest

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

This Pine Forest Tour is around the city of Semarang but this place is not like an ordinary Pine Forest. Because there are several decorations and facilities that complement and beautify the place. Such as hanging garments and colorful umbrella decorations in every place.

Some of these decorations make you even more beautiful and make you feel at home for long in the place. Moreover, a comfortable atmosphere that supports you to spend quality time with your family. It would be better if later you could spend time with your partner.

Umbul Sidomukti

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

This one tourist attraction is also very unfortunate if you don't miss it. The presence of various facilities such as natural swimming parks, outbound, camping spots, adrenaline games, tourist huts to meeting rooms presents an interesting experience. The reason is, this place is one of the mountainous natural attractions with a pleasant nuance.

This one place is even perfect for a stopover with your family. Because there are quite adequate various facilities available, which you can enjoy while admiring the natural beauty that exists. In addition, Umbul Sidomukti can also provide a place to produce great photos that are very instagramable.

Kalipancur Valley

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

This tourist spot in Semarang can be said to be a tourist spot that is getting famous or hits. Given that this place is a tourist place that has a rural concept. With a variety of entertainment fittings that have been provided to add to your comfort. Some of these facilities include swimming pools, deer stables, water bikes and so on.

Meanwhile, the most important part of this tourist spot is that later you will get culinary delights. Some of the culinary delights that are provided in this place are mostly made of freshwater fish as the main ingredient. A nice and comfortable place, of course, with delicious culinary delights that accompany it.

Diponegoro Reservoir

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

Don't be surprised when you read the name of the reservoir which is included in the tourism category. Not about water games, fishing or other things but an educational tour. Suitable for you to visit with your family and children, considering that this tour has an educational concept.

Moreover, the location of this place is quite close to the Diponegoro University Stadium. The scenery is quite neat but simple makes you comfortable just walking around this place.

Saloka Theme Park

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

This contemporary recreation area is also highly recommended for you. The tour which stands on an area of ​​12 hectares offers a variety of exciting games which are divided into 5 game zones. There are kamanyanyi zones, coastal zones, segara prada zones, balalantar zones and ararya zones that present a variety of exciting games for you to enjoy.

The zone division is based on the types of games that are presented in it. Of course, this one tourist spot is very suitable to be enjoyed with family and as a tourist destination for school holidays with friends. Not only games, this place is also equipped with other facilities to add to your comfort.

Penggaron Forest

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

Even though it bears the name forest but this place is not a true wild forest. But a tourist spot that uses the forest concept as a tourist attraction. This shady and cool place filled with pine trees is a good spot for you to take pictures of later.

Actually this place is a spot for outbound and some training that uses a natural theme. Like SAR, nature lovers, and scouts often carry out activities and training at the place. Don't be surprised when at certain times you will find several tents standing in this place.

Semarang Ship Mosque

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

The Semarang Ship Mosque is located in Ngaliyan District, Semarang. The shape resembles a ship which has a yellowish brown color. You will be presented with a view of street vendors of rambutan and durian in front of the mosque when you arrive at the location.

To enter it, the ticket price is only Rp. 3,000. This mosque has 4 floors with different functions. The first floor is for meetings, the second and third floors are for carrying out religious obligations, and the last floor for seeing the surrounding view from above.

Bandungan Flower Garden

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

Bandungan Flower Park is located in Jetis Village, Semarang Regency. You can find not only one type of flower here, but there are several. Among them are White Jasmine flowers, several types of orchids, and even Rafflesia Arnoldi.

The ticket price is relatively cheap, only IDR 5,000, you can enjoy the natural beauty around the park. The facilities that you will get are toilets, prayer rooms, and places to eat. If you want to own the flowers, the price for one bunch is only around IDR 5,000-30,000.

Kali Pancur Waterfall

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

You can also enjoy this one waterfall when stopping in the city of Semarang. This waterfall that flows from the slopes of Mount Telomoyo presents a beautiful natural feel combined with very refreshing water. This tourist attraction even has its own charm so that it is often filled with visitors. Especially during the holiday season.

Unfortunately, this tourist attraction is not recommended for children. This challenging tracking with beautiful panoramic views of forests, valleys and mountains is perfect for those of you who like exploration. You can even find a very clear bathing spot before arriving at the waterfall.

Krap Clapar Village Tour

Places in Semarang Newest & Most Visited

This one tour is located in Bandungan, Semarang Regency. Actually, Krisan Clapar Village tour is a chrysanthemum plantation area which is planted in 180 greenhouses. You only need to prepare IDR 10,000 to get into it

You will get facilities in the form of a parking lot, drinking water, viewing posts and a guide who will explain in detail. Not only are the blooming chrysanthemums that you can enjoy, but also with how the stages of planting flowers are in detail.