Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen [Indonesia-Central Java]

Interested in having a vacation to the beach? Check the List of the Best Beaches in Kebumen, Central Java . Beautiful Marine Tourism Destinations, Exotic , Hot & Terh its Exciting Vacation When You Visit .

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen - Indonesia, which is an archipelago country, makes it rich in marine tourism. There are many beautiful beaches ready to be explored when the holidays arrive. Likewise, if you are planning to visit Kebumen, this city has some charming beaches that must be visited.

Presenting a stunning natural panorama, you are guaranteed not to regret your adventure in this area. For more details, here are the list of favorite beach tours in Kebumen that you can choose from.

Karangbolong Beach

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Karangbolong Beach is a famous marine tourism destination in Kebumen. Once you set foot on this beach, you will be presented with a view that is so enchanting. Indeed, this beach does not have white sand like other beaches, but the black beach makes the face of Karangbolong even more exotic.

It is called Karangbolong Beach, because there is a large rock in the middle with a hole. Visitors can go through this hole to reach the other side of the beach. This hollow coral is the main attraction of this beach. Visiting this beach then you can get a different experience.

Location: Karangbolong, Kec. Buayan, Kab. Kebumen.

Menganti Beach

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

The next marine tourism object which is also famous and must be visited is Menganti Beach. You can get topnotch panoramas by visiting this beach which is also an icon of Kebumen. Decorated by a stretch of seawater and also close to the city center, this beach should not be missed.


The condition of the beach is clean and the nuance is still beautiful, adding to the long list of why this beach should be visited. Menganti Beach is also surrounded by hills that make anyone feel at home for a long time on this beach. Not only that, visitors can also do various interesting activities.

One of them is by peering at the beauty of this beautiful beach in Kebumen from the top of the hill. You can cross the red bridge to arrive at the hill. Interestingly in the western part there is the Bidadari hill which offers views of 4 waterfalls. This beautiful panorama has also been equipped with several interesting rides.

Location: Karangduwur, Kec. Father, Kab. Kebumen.

Lembupurwo Lagoon Beach

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

You can make Laguna Lembupurwo Beach your next marine tourism destination. This beach is included in the famous beach in Kebumen. It is suitable for those of you who are looking for marine tourism with many Instagramable photo spots. This beach is equipped with brown sand that is so soft on the skin.

The most interesting thing, this beach has a lagoon as the name suggests. There are also sand dunes and lush mangrove trees complete with polluted forests. Visiting this beach you can relax while enjoying the charming scenery. Not to mention that you can also soak or play water in the lagoon.

Location: Lembupurwo Village, Kec. Mirit, Kab. Kebumen.

Bopong Beach

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

The beach in Kebumen which also has a view that is no less beautiful is Bopong Beach. Bopong Beach has an exotic panorama with its black sand beaches. In the middle of the sand, a lagoon is formed which can be used to play water or also soak while enjoying the view.

Soaking while looking at the rolling waves that lick the sand is certainly soothing. The cool air and beautiful atmosphere also add to the beauty of this beach. Interestingly, visitors do not need to pay to enter the beach. Because Bopong Beach still has not set a retribution fee other than parking fees.


The lagoon that is formed forms like a small river which is also surrounded by green hills. Another attraction, Bopong Beach offers many selfie spots with a charming backdrop. Not only that, you can also enjoy the charm of thatch and viewing post which allows you to freely gaze at its natural beauty.

Location: Surorejan, Kec. Puring, Kab. Kebumen.

Surumanis Beach

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Your marine tourism in Kebumen is not finished yet, because you still have to visit Surumanis Beach. The location of this beach is still relatively hidden, so you need a struggle to reach it. But its beauty will be able to release all the fatigue that hit you.

This beach is perfect for those of you who have a high adventurous spirit, because the terrain is fairly steep. Surumanis Beach is surrounded by high hills and is also green. Make this beach even more charming and worthy of being your camera shot. In addition, there are many selfie spots, although the facilities are still limited.

Surumanis Beach offers a calm and comfortable nuance. Nature is still awake, making the water so clear. The sound of waves crashing and caressing the wind makes you have to be careful when swimming. Holidays with friends or family and even a partner will be very memorable to visit this one place.

Location: Pasir, Kec. Father, Kab. Kebumen.

Lampon Beach

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Lampon Beach is still a new beach. Nevertheless, its charm has managed to attract the attention of marine lovers. This one object is still not widely visited, so it is only natural that you will find a calm and beautiful beach atmosphere. The fine white sand will greet you when you take off your footwear.

Not only that, but Lampon Beach also has a cave and Wanalela hill which are an additional attraction. You can make Lampon a cool photo hunting location. The reason is, there are rows of traditional ships with other spots that are no less interesting. If you want to spend a lot of time, you can camp at Lampon beach.

Location: Pasir, Kec. Father, Kab. Kebumen.

Watu Bale

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Its location close to Lampon beach, makes Watu Bale an equally interesting destination. You will be presented with a viewing post that looks like the Eiffel tower. Besides that, there is also a titanic hill which makes it a mainstay selfie spot. Watu Bale is perfect for those of you who like to hunt for charming photos.


Location: Pasir, Kec. Father, Kab. Kebumen.


Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Have you heard of Petanahan Beach before? This marine tourism is not free from mysteries and legends related to its origin. Even though it has many myths, this beach is a beach with a stunning sunset panorama. Petanahan beach waves are high, so swimming is not recommended.

Location: Karanggadung, Kec. Petanahan, Kab. Kebumen.

Beach Leaks

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Leaking beach tourism in Kebumen you should not miss when you are in this city. It is called Bocor beach because it is located in Bocor Village. Even though this beach is still relatively new, the beauty it offers will amaze anyone. The waves that sweep the white sand are very dear to miss.

Not to mention the calm and beautiful atmosphere, will make you feel at home for a long time on this beach. The most anticipated, the sunset at Bocor beach is so beautiful and you must take the time. The orange horizon combines with the sound of the waves, complete with the caressing of the beach breeze, it's a shame to miss it. Take it easy this one beach is equipped with adequate facilities.

Location: Godi, Setrojenar, Kec. Buluspesantren, Kab. Kebumen.

Pacaron Beach

Popular & Hits Beach Tourism in Kebumen

Maritime tourism in Kebumen is still not over, take it easy, marine tourism lovers will be very satisfied. The next beach you must visit is Pacaron beach. This beach is known as The Hidden Paradise. This nickname is certainly very appropriate, given the exotic marine panorama offered.

Pacaron Beach is not blessed with complete white sand. The beach sand tends to be grayish black. The atmosphere is calm, will make anyone reluctant to go home. Because Pacaron Beach is still relatively new as if you are on a private beach. And this is precisely what makes Pacaron beach a must for you to visit.

Location: Srati, Kec. Father, Kab. Kebumen.

Those are some beach tours in Kebumen that you shouldn't miss. Each beach has its own beauty and characteristics. Indeed, there are many other beaches that are also interesting to visit, but those mentioned are the most favorite. So which beach will you visit first?