5 Romantic Travel Destinations in Indonesia

The pandemic does not appear to be a barrier to stepping into marriage. Throwing a party that must be limited by the number of visitors can provide a positive side to save budget. However, the desire for a honeymoon or honeymoon must indeed be postponed for the common good.
Romantic Travel Destinations in Indonesia
But the good news is, you have more time to prepare for the dream honeymoon that can be done after the pandemic ends. You don't need to go far abroad because Indonesia has a variety of romantic tourist destinations that can be included in the bucket list. Come on, record the recommendations!

Island of Love (Pulau Cinta)

Romantic Travel Destinations in Indonesia
From the name alone, you can guess how romantic the atmosphere is offered by the island in Tomini Bay, Gorontalo. With an area of sand shaped like a symbol of love, this island not only offers beautiful views away from the crowds, but also a variety of marine activities. From scuba diving to snorkeling, close your day with dinner in a cottage that floats above the sea.

Ubud, Bali

Romantic Travel Destinations in Indonesia
It's incomplete if you don't include Bali in your choice of honeymoon destination. This time, Ubud can be the best honeymoon place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located in Gianyar, Bali, Ubud offers a beautiful view with a series of activities that can bring a newly married couple closer. Starting from yoga together, cycling around the rice fields, exploring art galleries, to learning to cook Balinese dishes. In addition to preparing accommodation that can be adjusted to your budget, don't forget to also hunt for cheap promos when Buying Airplane Tickets Online.

Dieng Plateau (Dataran Tinggi Dieng)

Romantic Travel Destinations in Indonesia
Don't have long leaved for honeymoon? Just take advantage of the weekend or long weekend to visit the Dieng Plateau. Can be reached easily with the KAI Train Ticket, this romantic tourist spot in Wonosobo Regency will welcome you with cool air and views of mountain nuances.

Various destinations are ready to be explored together, such as Telaga Pengilon and Telaga Warna with their unique aquatic colors. For those who like adventure, try the thrill of trekking to Bukit Sikunir or Mount Prau.

Gili Nanggu

Romantic Travel Destinations in Indonesia
Apart from Bali, Lombok is also a popular destination for newly married couples. Not Gili Trawangan, this time there is Gili Nanggu which is much quieter with an exotic white sandy beach. Like a private island, here enjoy the beauty of its underwater paradise or spend a romantic evening at a thatched roof resort.

Nikoi Island (Pulau Nikoi)

Romantic Travel Destinations in Indonesia
Still rarely heard, the name Nikoi Island is considered hype among tourists. This private island in the Riau Archipelago has a white sandy beach with trees in the center that are hundreds of years old.

Beautifully maintained and away from the crowd, reportedly you have to queue up to 3 months to be able to spend a vacation on this beautiful island. There is still enough time for you to collect a travel budget, including hunting for Cheap Airplane Tickets.

Various choices of tourist destinations for newlyweds.