7 Worst Deeds of a Director for an Actress

Do you know that there is an actress who has been traumatized for life because of the director? Find out what reason the director could do that in this article!

The director acts like a leader in the filmmaking process. As a person who is given the authority to direct the actor, the director seems to have his own strength.

It is not uncommon for directors to ask actors to repeat a scene because they are not satisfied with the scene, and things like this are quite natural to do.

But the limits of reasonableness don't seem to apply to some directors who deliberately make their actors do things that are weird and don't make sense.

Moreover, this strange instruction is only given to the actresses. These directors seem to act to show who is in charge of that place.

7 worst things a director ever did to an actress

To get a satisfying end result in the films they direct, these directors do some things that are considered inhuman to the actresses.

Some of these actions seem like a temper that cannot be separated from several names. But this inhuman act is also as if directed at one actress only.

What kind of inappropriate actions did these directors take to the actresses? Here is more information.

1. Deliberately Prohibits Wearing Contact Lenses

Margot Kidder played Louis Lane in the superhero film Superman, directed by Richard Donner. One time Kidder's eye was injured and he couldn't wear contact lenses because of it.
worst things a director ever did to an actress
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Even so, the shooting process continued and as a result Margot Kidder often hit objects around her and made the character she played clumsy.

This is precisely what Donner likes, and in the end the director forbids Margot kidder to wear contact lenses during filming to maintain this character.

2. Forced to repeat adult scenes up to 60 times

Repeating a scene for maximum results is nothing new in the film industry. But what if this scene that was repeated was an adult scene?
worst things a director ever did to an actress
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Two female characters in the film Blue Is the Warmest Color, Lea Seydoux (Emma) and Adele Exarchopoulos (Adele) were forced to repeat adult scenes with a duration of 6 minutes for approximately 60 times by the director, Abdellatif Kechiche.

What's more, the two actresses were forced to get drunk and smoke beforehand to get an authentic feel.

Lea Seydoux as one of the actresses who experienced this incident felt that she was being treated like a night worker by the director.

3. Attacked All-Out Verbally

Who doesn't know Julia Roberts, this beautiful actress is known to be skilled in playing the roles entrusted to her.
worst things a director ever did to an actress
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The star of the romantic film Pretty Woman also experienced unpleasant treatment from the director at the beginning of his career.

At the time of starring in the film Steel Magnolias, Julia Roberts was treated unpleasantly by the director Herb Ross.

Ross often said things he shouldn't say to Julia Roberts, so the actress often cried during filming.

4. Paired with a former villain

One of the director's often inviolable exclusive powers is to determine which actor is best suited for a particular role.
worst things a director ever did to an actress
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This is actually not too problematic as long as the director's choice is still within the corridor of reasonableness, unlike what Shane Black did in the film Predator.

The director chose a former sexual assault convict who was his own friend, and this actor became the co-star of actress Olivian Munn.

Worse, Black did not reveal the origin of the actor to other people on the set, nor did he ever apologize to Olivia Munn for his actions.

5. Treated arbitrarily until stress

The story about the unpleasant treatment experienced by Shelley Duvall, has become one of the most famous Hollywood dark side stories.
worst things a director ever did to an actress
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Duvall felt mentally abused by director Stanley Kubrick while filming The Shining. Here, Duvall was made to cry for over 12 hours a day, went through grueling filming, and was often scolded.

Another actor who played in this horror film also admitted that Stanley Kubrick treated everyone well, except for Shelley Duvall.

6. Scratching the Trauma for a Lifetime

The totality during the shooting process is indeed something that is needed to get maximum results, but this is too much to cause prolonged trauma.
worst things a director ever did to an actress
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This is what director Alfred Hitchcock did to Melanie Daniels while shooting the film The Birds. Melanie is forced to shoot with dozens of real seagulls in a narrow room.

This left her bruised, bleeding, and even traumatized afterward. Worse, the director reportedly did this because Melanie was annoyed that he had refused to do it.

7. Made Almost Submerged

One of the best romantic films of all time, Titanic, also turns out to have an unpleasant story for its main actress, Kate Winslet.
worst things a director ever did to an actress
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The actress almost drowned in the shooting process because of director James Cameron's instructions. The director forces Winslet to wear a full dress while wet in one scene.

The weight of this dress made it difficult for Winslet to float on the water, even had time to drink a lot of water and almost drowned because of this instruction.

Those are some of the unpleasant treatment performed by a number of directors to the actresses.

Even so, this cannot be used as a generalization to say that all directors have a bad temper, because many directors treat their players well.

Hopefully the information I share this time can keep all of you entertained, and I'll see you in the next articles.