7 Hollywood Actors Get Paid Very Cheap, Anything Not Paid?

7 Hollywood Actors Get Paid Very Cheap, Anything Not Paid?
7 lowest paid Hollywood stars. Despite the low pay of acting they can still win awards.

7 Hollywood Stars With The Lowest Income, Are There Anyone Who Are Not Paid At All?

Hollywood is known as an industry with luxury and various kinds of knick-knacks. This industry has indeed succeeded in making millions and even billions of dollars every year.

This luxury is also often seen in the actors and actresses who are involved in it. They often get exorbitant fees for the roles they get.

But this fact does not apply to some cases. There are also many Hollywood actors and actresses who have to be willing to be paid a little for the roles they play.

Various factors are the reasons why some of the artists on this list are willing to be paid far below market standards.

Even though they are paid below market standards it doesn't make them act halfheartedly. Some even get awards when playing these low budget characters.

Who are classified as the lowest paid Hollywood stars? Come see more info.

1. Mel Gibson (Mad Max - 1979)

In this action film with the theme of the post apocalypse world, Mel Gibson, who became the main role in this film, was won very little.

The film was originally made with a budget of only AUD 400,000. This low budget doesn't make Mad Max a bad film.

This film managed to get a profit of 100 million USD.

Despite getting a decent profit, the main character of this film only gets a salary of 15,000 USD.

2.Harrison Ford (Star Wars Episode IV - 1977)

This Star Wars film, which was first released, managed to become the highest grossing film of its time before being defeated by E.T. the Extra-Terresstrial.

This film managed to make a profit of up to 775.4 million USD. Unfortunately, the initial budget for this film was relatively small.

The total production cost of this film provided by 20th Century Fox is only around 11 million USD.

This has an impact on the players. Some of the film's players received fees that were relatively small.

Harrison Ford, who plays Han Solo in this film, only gets paid 10,000 USD.

When compared with the profits this film has made, Harrison Ford's salary seems meaningless.

3.Brad Pitt (Thelma & Louise - 1991)

Brad Pitt, now one of Hollywood's most famous stars, was paid very little at the start of his career.

The actor, who has received several Oscar nominations, was once paid for only 6,000 USD.

The salary he got when he played the character J.D. in the film Thelma & Louise which aired in 1991. This role became his first major role in Hollywood.

Although paid a small nominal fee, this film managed to make Brad Pitt even more famous in the world of cinema and his career has taken off since then.

4.Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone - 2010)

Who would have thought that Jennifer Lawrence had played in a film and was only paid 3,000 USD.

The actress, who was named the Hollywood star with the biggest income in the world in 2015 and 2016, is willing to be paid a low nominal in the film Winter's Bone.

The film, which was released in 2010, is a mystery drama film adapted from the novel of the same title by Daniel Woodrell.

Even though it was very low paid, Jennifer Lawrence's efforts in this film were not in vain. This actress managed to get a nomination for Best Leading Female Actor at the Oscar through this film.

5. Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry - 1999)

The film Boys Don't Cry tells the story of a transgender's life journey with all its conflicts in the late 90s.

This film was well received by film critics and received various awards. The female lead in this film also received the Best Actrees Drama award at the Academy Award.

Hillary Swank's performance in playing the character Brandon Teena has been praised by various groups and who would have thought that Hillary only received 3,000 USD.

Although paid very cheaply, the actress's sacrifice paid off with the awards she received and the success of this film.

6.George Clooney (Good Night, and Good Luck - 2005)

In the films Good Night, and Good Luck, George Clooney is a director, writer and actor. This film is indeed made based on the passion of this veteran actor.

The film, which tells the story of media influence, has received many award nominations including the Best Director category at the Academy Award for George Clooney.

George Clooney also used his personal money to finance this film. George Clooney's hard work and sacrifice in this film cannot be denied.

Even though he took on many roles in this film, George Clooney only earns 1 dollar.

7.Jim Carrey (Yes Man - 2008)

Yes Man is a comedy film that tells the story of someone who tries to always say Yes to everyone.

Despite getting mixed reviews, this comedy genre film managed to earn three times the initial budget of the film.

Jim Carey in this film was not paid at all at the beginning of the production period. In exchange he gets a share of 36.2 percent of the profits of this film.

This is something an actor does not usually do because it could be that a film starring the actor fails in the market and ends up getting nothing.

Fortunately this agreement was favorable for Jim Carrey as the film earned far more than its production costs.

These are some of the Hollywood stars who are willing to be paid very little for the roles they play in their films.

Even though they are only paid a small amount for the performance of these stars, many have received various awards and some even won an Oscar.

This shows that Hollywood stars who are known for their glamor are highly dedicated to their work.