The 7 Failures of the World's Largest Science Experiment, Project Scientist Tarzan?

The 7 Failures of the World's Largest Science Experiment, Project Scientist Tarzan?
Science is important to learn for every human being, but it can be bad if it is used wrongly. Like the following failed experiment that causes bad things to happen!

Do you like science stuff?
Science is important to learn, not only as knowledge but also useful for further research in the future.

Even though it is better known as a good thing, it turns out that science can also cause chaos to death if used incorrectly.

Like the failure of the following science experiment which causes a bad thing in the process. What are the experiments?

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Science according to KBBI is systematic knowledge about nature and the physical world, including botany, physics, chemistry, geology, zoology, and so on.

Easily, through science we can find out various kinds of new knowledge such as how the body works to the solar system works.

Science can be a fun thing for some people, but if it is used for the wrong purposes it can have a bad impact.

Not only for yourself, but also for the environment. To seek new knowledge or knowledge, research is needed which requires trials.

This is dangerous, if the research fails it can cause unexpected things. You will understand if you often watch zombie films or science fiction films.

An example is like the following experiment which ended in bad things:

1. LSD

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD is the newest type of chemical that is hallucinogenic, or often known as a type of narcotic.

In 1962, researchers were looking for new treatments to save humanity. This research was tested on an elephant named Tusko.

Unfortunately, this experiment did not go smoothly and ended in the death of the elephant. How not, the researchers injected 297 milligrams of LSD.

After Tusko lost control, the researchers then injected 2800 milligrams of antipsychotic plus barbiturates to calm him down.

However, the drug actually caused the elephant's death. Science is very cruel, right? That was what happened in the world at that time!

2. Project MKUltra

The next experiment was Project MKUltra, which was carried out by the CIA against Soviet soldiers.

The goal of these experiments is to control human consciousness and build deadly chemical weapons. You can guess right? The result, terrible!

This experiment occurred in 1953 to 1964 where the CIA conducted various experiments on the human body.

The experiment is carried out by psychologically torturing the patient. Such as sensory deprivation, hypnosis, sexual torture, and so on.

causing many patients who ended up fatal, from mental disorders to death.

3. The Monster Study

Well, if The Monster Study is a failed experiment involving 22 orphans (10 of them stuttering) in Davenport, Iowa in 1939.

This experiment was carried out by doctor Wendell Johnson by dividing into 2 groups of normal children. To speak normally and others are forced to stutter.

The goal is to cure 10 children who stutter. However, the results were not as desired. These children begin to experience speech problems.

Some even stopped talking. So that it causes a permanent impact. This experiment is also known as The Monster Study.

4. The Tuskegee Syphilis

Well, if the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment aims to cure people with syphilis who are experienced by African-American people.

The patients are given a placebo drug which aims to cure. However, the results instead made 128 patients die because of this experiment.

The doctor concerned even stated that the blood owned by the patients was 'bad' and did not match the placebo given.

5. Baby Chimpanzees

This case is not as cruel as others, in fact it can be compared to Tarzan's story. An experiment was carried out by Winthrop Kellogg on his son.

This experiment was carried out by raising a chimpanzee and its young at the same time. The result is the chimps act like humans.

Stand on both feet and eat with a spoon to eat. It's just not able to speak and not as smart as human children.

However, something untoward happened to Kellogg's son. He acts like a chimpanzee, that is, it is difficult to learn words and make chimpanzee-style sounds.

Kellogg immediately separated the two so that the child would grow normally.

6. Kola Superdeep Borehole

What happens if humans make a hole to the center of the earth?

There are several possibilities, gravitational disturbances until the earth splits up and destroys all that lives on earth.

This experiment turned out to have been carried out by the Soviets, to be precise at 1994 on the Kola Peninsula, Russia. The drilling machine managed to reach a depth of 12 kilometers into the earth.

However, this experiment was stopped because it was suspected that it could cause bad impacts on the earth. Even so, various ancient fossils were found in this experiment.

7. The Nazi Concentration Camp Experiment

The last one was an experiment at the Nazi Concentration Camp conducted by Josef Mengele who was touted as an 'evil scientist'.

This nickname came about because the various experiments he carried out were very cruel and inhuman. Just imagine, to learn about human genetics, he tortured his patients.

The torture is in the form of surgery without anesthetic, injecting deadly bacteria, and cutting various parts of the human body.

Just imagine it can make goosebumps!

That's the failures of experiments that have happened in the world accidentally or on purpose. Are there any other experiments that should be on the list?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!