7 Watches That Will Make It Hard To Read The Time

Watches are one of the most important needs for everyone, especially for office workers and students. You may be used to seeing a watch that reads the numbers 1 to 12 with 2 hands or a digital clock that shows what time it is.
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7 Watches That Will Make It Hard To Read The Time

Do you know? Several market watch manufacturers in the world are competing to create the most unique watches. Some of them will even make it difficult for you to read the time and the viewer will be confused. What do the clocks look like? Here are 5 watches that will make it difficult for you to read the time.

1. Equalizer High Frequency 2

Equalizer High Frequency 2
High Frequency 2, this clock uses the Equalizer theme. You have to be quick to read the time: the screen pushes up to the top row of lights, which then floats back like a graphic equalizer to show the time is only 5 seconds. Technically, High Frequency 2 is actually quite advanced viewing: it's an advanced LCD that uses only 1 LED light for the entire viewing, resulting in very low power consumption.

2. E35 JLr7

E35 JLr7
Look closely, and you'll see what happens to this watch made by Eri & Eiichi or the e35, called the JLr7 (look only at the top row of the watch. If you want to find the current time, simply press the button to watch a grid of L-shaped notch lights up). The hours, minutes and seconds are encoded in a geometric pattern.

The first two lit lines, consisting of 12 lights, are used to determine the "hour". The next third flame row determines the multiple of 15 minutes, and 14 minutes, the next flame row is 1 minute each. The last 3 are seconds (find it quickly bro!)

3. Oberon

This watch is very stylish! Oberon watches use concentric rings to tell the time. Each LED outside the ring indicates 1 hour. The LEDs on the second ring are 1 minute each, and those on the deep (or third) ring, 10 minutes each. Luckily, the LEDs are positioned exactly like the numbers on a regular watch face, making it really very easy to tell the time.

4. E35 Geomesh

E35 Geomesh
Let's read the clock bro: look at the time with the e35 where you have to count the vertical lights to find the hours and the horizontal lights for the minutes (either 5 minutes or 1 minute increments, depending on where the lights are). Here's how: There are 9 horizontal (green) lights, so 9:00. 5 x 5 minutes every + 4 lights x 1 minute every = 29. So the time is 9:29.

5. Eleeno Kion Elite

Eleeno Kion Elite
If you take a closer look, you will find that this is the only watch that shows the minutes. So how do we know the hour? As it turns out, that's how you see it: the pattern will "show" what time it is (07:50 in the image above).

6. Tokyoflash 1000100101

Tokyoflash 1000100101
If this is probably about the same as clockwork in a 1960s Sci-Fi movie about the future. Besides being cool (the LED flashes with many colors!), this watch will make you learn math. Whenever you want to find out what time it is, you have to do some mental arithmetic: the first LED is 10 hours, then the next 9 are 1 hour each. Next 5 is 10 minutes, then the 9th is the last 1 minute. So, 11:35 is 1000 +100 +30 +5. And don't say that you won't use math in real life.

7. Radioactive Active Reactor

Radioactive Active Reactor
Now, you've got to pick up a pattern: this watch requires a math formula to tell the time. Not fancy, just a little extra. Radioactive Active Reactor adds a bit of mathematical humor: the clock is marked on the "Danger" bar (with the Alert button marking the 6 hour mark.