The Most Expensive Dog Breed In The World Ever

Are you a dog fan? If you are a dog fan, you need to know about this one dog, the Tibetan Mastiff. If you want to have it, the first requirement is that you must have a thick wallet.
The Most Expensive Dog Breed In The World Ever
The Mastiff is perhaps one of the longest-running dog breeds. This evidence can be seen through ancient relics, such as those in five thousand year old paintings.

At that time, the mastiff dog was used and was known as a loyal guard dog, especially guarding the land of the nobles and also as a valiant dog on the battlefield. In the 19th century the mastiff was known as the most popular fighting dog in England.

In the golden age of Queen Elizabeth I of England, Mastiff Dogs were used as entertainment for nobles, who were often pitted against wild animals, such as bears, tigers, and others. In World War I and II, Mastiff Dogs were used to tow ammunition trains on the front lines. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Mastiff is known as a guard dog.

Mastiff dogs are large, stocky, strong, symmetrical and muscular bone structure. The Mastiff has a slightly protruding chest, a broad and rectangular head, has a scissor-shaped bite, dark brown eyes, dangling ears, a tail tapering at the ends and hanging. The secondary coat is short, thick and flat, the outer coat is short and coarser.

The Mastiff's coat is usually apricot, fawn or brindle, and the muzzle and ears are jet black. A Mastiff Dog has a fairly high intelligence, but not so agile. In addition, the Mastiff is also a trusted guard dog, and still has a strong fighting instinct, especially with other dogs.

What makes this breed of dog so very, very expensive?

Not only is it considered a lucky color, but the Tibetan Mastiff is considered as one of the sacred animals that brings blessings of health and safety to its owner. We believe that this dog has a reincarnated soul from monks and nuns who during their lives have not done enough good.

It was recorded that several great figures such as Queen Victoria and King George IV of England had this breed of dog. Even Genghis Khan is said to have involved 30,000 individuals to conquer Europe. The previous record for most expensive dog was also held by the same breed, a Tibetan Mastiff named Red Lion which sold for $800,000