5 super rich people who live extraordinarily thrifty, don't care about prestige!

5 super rich people who live extraordinarily thrifty, don't care about prestige!
Everyone would wish they had a lot of money. There are those who think that they will immediately buy a luxury house, an expensive car, or even travel abroad, and many more.

Indeed, having endless wealth is one of the things that many people dream of. However, the reality is that not all rich people live in luxury, you know.

Even with their abundant wealth, they still decided to live simply. Wow, really amazing, right?

Who are they? Come on, take a look at the collection of super rich people who live simply like ordinary people below!

1. Mark Zuckerberg

While other wealthy people tend to flaunt their luxury goods, Mark Zuckerberg is just the opposite.
Mark Zuckerberg
Reported by Forbes, Mark Zuckerberg has a wealth of more than 73 billion US dollars, equivalent to RP 898 trillion. Really enough to pay for more than seven derivatives!

Even so, he still lives a simple life, you know. It is known, Mark Zuckerberg rationed his expenses frugally and preferred to go to the office wearing t-shirts and jeans.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

From the first, Jennifer Lawrence has been accustomed to living a simple life. Even after being famous through the Hunger Games films, he still maintains that lifestyle.
Jennifer Lawrence
If other artists usually have super luxurious mansions or cute penthouses, Jennifer still lives with her parents in the condo!

This one artist really fits into an idol. Thrifty, not arrogant, talented too!

3. Kristen Bell

Disney movie fans are familiar with the name Kristen Bell. The reason is, this artist with a golden voice is the voice of Anna in Frozen.
Kristen Bell
From the success of the film, it can be estimated that Kristen Bell has an abundant amount of wealth.

Unlike the average artist, Kristen Bell only spent around US $142 or no more than RP. 2 million to get married at the local courthouse. He also often collects discount coupons for shopping.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker did grow from a wealthy family, but this did not make her grow up as a wasteful and showy person.
Kristen Bell
Even though she has been successful, Jessica still lives frugally. This is also taught to their children, you know.

Rather than spoiling his children with his wealth, he chose to teach them how to live frugally. For example, by using used clothes.

5. Michelle Obama

The life of the first lady is usually associated with super-luxurious, expensive items and clothes. Apparently, this does not apply to Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama
Even though he lives in the White House and is very wealthy, Michelle Obama is not at all interested in buying expensive fancy dresses or clothes.

In fact, he prefers to go to a cheap clothing store. The proof, he wore a dress 35 US dollars, or about RP. 500,000 on the Today NBC show.

Wow, how great is not this collection of rich people?

They completely throw away the word prestige and prefer to live frugally even though they are rich. What an example!