10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Are you a big game fan? If it is, then surely you are familiar with the following games which are famous for their content that is too real to be banned for distribution. Some of the games released, sometimes have inappropriate content, such as murder, rape, and others. Moreover, this game has high graphics, so the game will look very real.

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Here we have summarized 10 games that are prohibited from circulating in various countries due to their inappropriate content.

10. Fallout 3

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

When the area you live in turns into an uninhabited wasteland, and danger lurks in every corner of the city, pain is the most loyal friend to accompany you at any time. To get away from that loyal friend, you are only given one way, namely consuming a type of drug called morphine.

Because of the morphine, the Fallout 3 game was banned, especially in Australia. Australia does not want any of its citizens to be adversely affected by this Fallout 3 game. After receiving strong protests, the game developer then pulled Fallout 3 back from circulation, changing morphine to Med-X.

9. Dead Rising 3

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Zombie apocalypse-themed games are games that are loved by many people in the world. Don't play games, even zombie-themed movies always succeed in attracting people's attention. If there is an opportunity to try a zombie apocalypse themed game, who is not interested in playing it. That's why the game Dead Rising 3 was made.

Dead Rising 3 is a game with a zombie apocalypse theme. In this game we have to be able to defend ourselves from zombie attacks. Although this game is said to be interesting, it turns out that Germany has a different opinion. Germany considers violence a bad thing, especially when it is done to humans. Even though the enemy objects here are zombies, but because these zombies have a human-like shape, without a doubt Germany decided to ban this game from circulating in their country.

8. Medal of Honor

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Medal of Honor is specifically prohibited from playing within the United States military area. One reason why this game is banned is because here players will take on the role of members of the Taliban (a member who is considered a terrorist by the American government). EA responds that in this game, players must raid the headquarters of the American army.

Without much compromise, the game that was released in 2010 was instantly banned by the American government. Even so, there are still many people who can play this game. After all, this game is only prohibited from being played in the United States military area.

7. Mass Effect

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Released for Playstation 3, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, Mass Effect is a third-person shooting science fiction game. This game has a goal to save the galaxy from the threat of alien creatures called Reapers.

Maybe many people think this game is an ordinary fictional action game that is not dangerous, but it turns out that in Singapore, this game is prohibited from circulating. If the player chooses the character correctly, then the player can see a female alien having sex with an alien of the same gender. And for that reason Singapore decided not to allow this game to circulate.

6. Postal 2

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

With the type of first person shooter game, this game is somewhat similar to Grand Theft Auto, only different in terms of graphics. Postal 2 has a graphic quality that is not as detailed as Grand Theft Auto.

This game allows players to be able to dispose of urine indiscriminately and direct it to people, illegal drugs, and also mutilation. Because this game has features that are too extreme, as many as 13 countries are said to have banned this game from being circulated. But even though it has been banned from circulation, there are still many people who are reportedly playing this game.

5. God of War 2

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

In Saudi Arabia, the country has very strict regulations regarding violent games. All games that contain violent content will certainly not be able to circulate there. Although in the end there were several games that were successfully sold secretly, one of them was the game God of War 2.

According to the government of Saudi Arabia, the game God of War 2 contains a lot of sexual content that is not appropriate for display. Therefore this game is prohibited for sale in Saudi Arabia. But if people know where to buy it, playing this game is no longer a problem.

4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Who does not know the exciting game Grand Theft Auto. It has released many series, but only the San Andreas series is quite successful in being sold in the market. Just like the game Postal 2, San Andreas offers interesting violence features that are loved by many. In this game we can hit people, rob banks, steal vehicles and many other criminal acts that can be done.

In addition to presenting violence, it turns out that this game also has adult content that small children are not allowed to see. Although its contents are full of violence and vulgar scenes, San Andreas is not completely banned from circulation. It's just that sales of this game began to tighten. Even in America itself which is a free country, San Andreas should not be sold to children.

3. RapeLay

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Many games are banned from circulation because the country in question has strict regulations on which game genres may be circulated and which ones are not. This game called RapeLay is no exception. Famous for its unique culture, it turns out that the Japanese company Studio Illusion released a controversial game in 2006 called RapeLay.

Rapelay is a game where the player takes on the role of a sex monster and his task is to rape the women in the game. It's clear the reason why this game is banned in many countries. Some countries that strictly prohibit the sale of this game are Argentina, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Slightly different in America, Uncle Sam's country still allows this game to be sold but is labeled AO (for adults).

2. Manhunt 2

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

Manhunt 2 is a game that mixes elements of violence, action, and psychology. When it comes to game gore (a realistic depiction of physical injuries accompanied by blood effects), this Manhunt 2 game is the most cruel and sadistic game ever made. Not much different from the other Manhunt series which also always presents elements of violence that are "Wow!"

Thanks to the many elements of violence contained in the game, Manhunt 2 has succeeded in making many countries protest loudly for anyone who plays this game. Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and the UK are just a few countries that are known to strictly prohibit this game from circulating in their country.

1. Mortal Kombat X

10 These Games Are Banned In Different Countries

No sadistic game can beat this Mortal Kombat X. It was so sad, this game was successfully banned from circulation in a number of countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, and China. This fighting genre game displays a truly sadistic image where the human organs look like they are really real.

Although classified as a sadistic game and also very sadistic, the graphics displayed by this game are very detailed and good. The game, developed by NetherRealm Studios, was released on Play Station 4 and on Xbox 1.