10 Most Amazing Buildings Made Of Glass

Most Awesome Building
Many people think that buildings made of glass look more elegant, clean, and even impressive, than other buildings. Buildings which are basically made of a collection of materials such as brick, cement and sand are not used in the manufacture of this glass building. Here are 10 of the most amazing buildings made of glass.

10. The Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Brazil

Most Awesome Building
The first is the Botanical Garden of Curitiba which made it into the list of the most amazing glass buildings in the world. This glass building was actually inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. The garden is surrounded by glass buildings in the style of the French Grand Splendor.

The glass building in the Botanical Garden of Curitiba can be found in the city of Curitiba, Brazil.

9. Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Netherlands

Most Awesome Building
Designed by renowned architects Willem Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk, the Netherlands Institute is the most impressive glass building to come from the Netherlands. Not only unique because it is made of glass, this building is also filled with bright colors that make it even more amazing.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is a building used to store cultural archives as well as a museum. Located in Hilversum, the Netherlands, this building can always catch the attention of passersby for its cool design.

8. Sears Tower Glass Balconies, America

Most Awesome Building
The building in Chciago, America is unique where the balcony is made using glass. The balcony made of glass provides a special sensation for everyone who visits there. The balcony in the building was built at a height of 412 meters.

Through the balcony of the Sears Tower, we can see the view of the city of Chicaco from above. For those who have a phobia of Acrophobia are advised not to try to visit this building.

7. Sports and Leisure Center in Saint Cloud France, France

Most Awesome Building
This amazing glass building has shown the beauty of its color to the world. For this reason, the architect of Koz Architecture/Christophe Ouhayoun, Nicolas Ziesel, deserves an award. This glass building is the perfect recreation area for children.

Located in Saint Cloud, France, this building has a very large area accompanied by an atmosphere that supports the growth and development of children's creativity. This building is perfectly designed by combining glass with colors so as to produce a balanced mix.

6. The Louvre Pyramid, Egypt
Most Awesome Building
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Unlike the pyramids found in Egypt, the pyramids designed by Chinese architect I.M. Pei is the most amazing glass pyramid in the world. This glass pyramid towers high in front of the Louvre museum, France with a height of about 21 meters and is decorated with glass from top to bottom with a total of 673 glass.

Visitors who want to enter the Louvre must pass through the base of the pyramid which will then climb back up when they reach the main part of the museum. Although it is included in one of the most amazing glass buildings in the world, this glass pyramid cannot be separated from people's criticism. Even so, many people still praise this building as a perfect blend of classic and modern buildings.

5. Kanagawa Institute of Technology Glass Building, Japan

Most Awesome Building
This institute of technology in Japan is deliberately designed using transparent glass, allowing students to study optimally by being lit by sunlight. This glass building was designed by an architect named Junya Ashigami and his associates.

It is said that no other institute can provide the sensation of learning by being irradiated directly by natural light that comes from the sun. This amazing building was designed entirely using thin and transparent glass.

4. Basque Health Department Headquarters of Bilbao Spain, Spain

Most Awesome Building
The city of Bilbao in Spain has become one of the hottest architectural cities in recent times, thanks to the Guggenheim Museum building located in Bilbao. To accompany the Guggenheim Museum, architect Coll-Barreu designed a building that slightly took the concept of the Guggenheim Museum, namely the Basque Health Department Hedaquarters.

While the Guggenheim Museum was built using metal, Coll-Barreu built Basque using a different material, namely glass. The unique Basque design can be said to take an example from the Guggenheim Museum.

3. National Grand Theater of China, China

Most Awesome Building
Besides being known as a country that has amazing tourist attractions, China also has unique buildings made of glass. The building is the National Grand Theater of China. Located not far from Tiananmen Square, Beijing, this large building is used as a venue for opera and music performances.

With an audience capacity of up to 5,452, the National Grand Theater is surrounded by an artificial lake to cast a shadow over this massive and imposing structure. This glass building would not have existed had it not been for the famous architectural touches of Paul Andreu.

2. La Estancia Glass Chapel, Mexico

Most Awesome Building
The church, which is uniquely made using glass, is built in a garden in La Estancia Gardens, Mexico. This amazing building has become a dream place for many people to get married. The beauty of this place is already considered as in heaven.

Built in 2008 by Bunker Architect, this church is the most impressive glass building in Mexico. And in Mexico you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

1. Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Spain

Most Awesome Building
Not an ordinary office building, Selgas Cano Architecture Office is a capsule-shaped office built using glass. Located in the jungle of Madrid, Spain, the outer walls and roof of the building are designed to be open to the natural scenery that surrounds the building.

Because it belongs to the European continent which is known to have 4 seasons, the workers at Selgas Cano always adjust the office atmosphere to the current season. This makes this office the most perfect workplace ever.